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About Us
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Al Rahba Hospital was the first public hospital in the UAE to be accredited by the Joint Commission International. More importantly, the hospital was granted JCI re-accreditation in 2009, confirming its credo of continuous improvement in patient care. Al Rahba was also rated “Best Hospital in Quality Services” for 2008 and 2009 among public hospitals of Abu Dhabi by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

Opened in August 2003, Al Rahba Hospital caters to the healthcare needs of the local community. Since the spring of 2008, the hospital has been managed by Johns Hopkins Medical International.
The hospital is located just a few blocks from the E11 highway connecting Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It has a very busy and highly competent emergency department which serves over 200 visitors per day. A multi-slice CT scanner will be installed in early 2010 to provide even better emergency services, especially in trauma cases.

Its Outpatient Department offers services in the following specialties:

DentalDermatologyDiabetic Education
DialysisDieteticsEar, Nose and Throat
EndocrinologyGeneral SurgeryInternal Medicine
PediatricsPhysiotherapyVascular Surgery
In addition, the hospital offers special programs in the areas of Back Pain, Smoking Cessation and Travel Preparation. In 2009, Al Rahba began a Women’s Health Initiative, catering to the preventive care for women of all ages, especially related to breast and cervical cancers and osteoporosis. In 2010, new digital mammography x-ray and bone densitometry machines will be installed at the hospital to further support this campaign.
Licensed for 163 beds, the hospital is currently operating 116 beds, and recently expanded its Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

In 2009, Al Rahba Hospital implemented state-of-art Cerner Health Information System to improve doctors' access to patient medical records.

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